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1. How many titles do I need to subscribe to in order to become a premium member with Limited Edition Comics? 

You need to subscribe to at LEAST 1 title either ongoing or limited. 

2. Where do I find what I can order and subscribe?  

You will either need to see the previews online that is released once a month or better visit our store and our staff will assist you in finding what you need to order. 

3. What are the benefits in becoming a member with Limited Edition Comics?

a. Lower pricing from the non- subscribers. 

b. You will never miss an issue*.  

c. Priority on variant covers and other limited items. 

4. Can I cancel my subscription? 

On any ongoing titles, you can unsubscribe with the obligation from your side to buy what you have already placed in your previous orders. 

On Limited series, you are not eligible to unsubscribe once you have ordered. Limited series need to be bought in full.

5. Can I get a mail order with Limited Edition Comics? 

Of course you can, at the start of every month, we send packages to all over Greece by the Greek post office. Free shipping to orders above 60 Euros. 

If you wish your comics to be sent via courier of your choice the shipping cost will be added to the total of your order. 


Click on the video button to see how to use Previews to Order from Comic Shops!


Limited Edition Comics. 

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