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Mad4agnes art

The Dark Knight Returns 

One of the many techniques that I will show you in timelapse videos as time progresses. Th materials used are mainly Canson colored paper, lots of glue as you can see, balsa wood for the frame along with plexi glass and a precision craft knife along with lots and lots of hours to do this which easily can be turned to a few minute timelapse thanks to technology. For more videos make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. 

Join me in the journey of YouTube. 

Well that was decide a few months ago but with Covid and quarantines and the world halting in a standstill I had to push this aside for just a few months as we all had to handle many things new and quite unpredictable. 

So please join me in my YouTube Channel - one of the projects I will start will be a new Window Display for the store that will take quite a few months to be ready. Hoping it will be set up somewhere around October. And what I will do is I will show you the process of all this from how I create and make each piece that will go into the window display. 

Hope you will join and stay tuned with me! Click and subscribe!

My Card!

As we are all waiting for the first videos where I will be showing you the process on how I will be creating the window display I wanted to show you another timelapse video from a few months ago - Painting one of the blank covers of Detective Comics #1000. 

Mediums used are watercolor and acrylic inks. 

For more click and subscribe on my YouTube Channel before and dont forget to turn notifications on so you be alerted for new videos or premieres. 

Hope you will join and stay tuned with me! Click and subscribe!

Dreams of Cupcakes 

Join me in this new Series with watercolours depicting Cupcakes. I know you will say what is wrong with you girl? Nothing is wrong , I think the Christmas Cheer just got stuck with me a bit more and moved with me into the new Year. So why not get this creative ideas into art pieces. Throughout all January I will be doing watercolours and then I will take all the originals at the store. I will also be creating some merchandise that will update you as soon as they are ready so you can go to my online stores and order the cupcake you like or ALL !!! JOIN ME! dont forget to subscribe....starting with this one that will be aired Jan 10 2021 in YouTube - link right here to click and see it. 

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