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3000 Titles and uploading

This is a reminder to all what an immense task this is and how long we have ahead of us to safely say that we have uploaded them all on the online you want me to break it down to you? you can do the math on your own if you like 47,000 titles still to go roughly with 2 people working on this ...I dare you to do the math.

But for now I will leave with yesterday's update that brought Limited Edition Comics with 3084 to be exact Back issues that you can find in our physical store and online. So what you can do is go inside our store...type on the what are you looking for....well what you are looking for ...easy. Have a look around buy the ones you like and you can come pick them up from Limited Edition Comics if you are in Athens, Greece, or we can send them to you if you are not close. Also we now can ship again to USA with post office as USA also opened along with 12 other countries ( if you wish for post office delivery and not courier- which we all know is absolutely different - but hey I have to be thorough in order to help you out! Stay safe, buy comics and escape for a while from all the craziness of this world. Speak to you tomorrow ..

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